Uncomplicating The Heat Pump:

Electrical System Troubleshooting


DVD Format: $79.95

When Purchased Separately

Available In An Internet Special Package That Includes Our Heat Pump Refrigeration Program

This DVD/Video training program, at approximately a 90-minute running time, is appropriate for both new and experienced HVAC technicians who service residential and light commercial heat pumps. A self-print Technician’s Resource Guide is included on a separate CD along with the DVD/Video program, making the learning experience an interactive one. Jim takes the time to explain what technicians need to know about the fundamentals of heat pump electrical systems, then shows and explains in a step-by-step fashion how to use meters and test components, and use wiring diagrams to evaluate heat pump electrical systems. Review questions are included for either self-study or for use in an instructor-led environment.


This HVAC training DVD/Video learning package consists of a digital-quality DVD and a separate Resource Material CD. To participate in this interactive learning experience, insert the CD into your desktop or laptop computer, open the file on the CD, and print your own copy of the Resource Guide and quiz questions. Then, use the printed hard copy of the Resource Guide to follow along as you play the DVD.

Program Content.....                         

…Schematic Diagrams & Flow Charts             

…Standard & Electronic Components             

…Electrical Testing & Troubleshooting           

…Three Phase Imbalance Testing                   

…Supplemental Heat Systems                         

…Variable Speed Blower Motors    



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