Using Schematics To Troubleshoot HVAC/R Electrical Circuits, Part 1





DVD Format: $59.95


Well-known industry author and instructor Jim Johnson offers this video for technicians who want to sharpen their troubleshooting skills.

"This HVAC DVD/Video training video program is somewhat of a departure from what we’ve offered in the past," said Johnson. "It was produced specifically for technicians who really don’t need theory on electrical fundamentals, but want to know more about how to read schematic diagrams and then use them to track down the source of the problem in an HVAC/R system that’s down."

According to Johnson, "Using Schematics To Troubleshoot HVAC/R Electrical Circuits, Part 1" came about because of feedback from the industry. "It’s shorter than our fundamentals training videos, and the self-print Technician’s Resource Guide that comes on a separate self-print CD along with the DVD/Video, contains only the diagrams and a short introduction along with the necessary fill-in-the-blank information. It doesn’t incorporate review questions and in-depth theory like our fundamentals programs do."

Johnson said his Tucson-based training firm, Technical Training Associates is offering this HVAC training video "in response to those who have used our fundamentals program and told us they want more, as well as those experienced technicians who have contacted us and suggested a shorter program focused only on schematic diagrams."

Covering transformers, thermostats, potential relays, capacitors, multi-speed motors, pressure switches, relays, and contactors, this program focuses on single-phase equipment and incorporates furnace, A/C and heat pump wiring diagrams.

If you prefer to order by mail, you can order "Using Schematics To Troubleshoot HVAC/R Electrical Circuits, Part 1" by sending check or money order for $59.95 to: Technical Training Associates, HC 70 Box 3172, Sahuarita, AZ 85629.

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